Message from Roblyn with Survey and Posters

I have put together several poster documents for you to choose from, for printing. You will find a link at the bottom to click on and it will open the folder. You can put them in the window of your car, take them to work or a place of business, hand out wherever you think people would be interested. Our goal is that the majority of Nanaimo will understand the issue by decision time. If you can not print them, please email me and I can print them for you.

I am also sending the results of an informal survey we undertook to find out the thoughts of those residents in the flood plain regard keeping versus removing the dams.

It is important to note that in the inundation study it was recommended the stakeholders should be involved the decision making, 'primarily the residents of the floodplain.' It also says 'to achieve a desired level of safety, balanced with the recreational and aesthetic values provide by the dams'. This has not been done. As usual we have been told what will be done rather than asked what it is we want to be done.

Another important note is: The Harewood Community Plan was about densifying our neighbourhood. Since this is a major reason they really want to get rid of the dams (densifying downstream) Is it trading development for keeping the Dams? If we agree to development downstream are we supporting the removal of the Dams? Do we want to support restricting floodplain development if it is a trade off? After all Mr. Kenning said that there is a net cost to development so we have to pay for any development with our taxes.

Thank you to everyone who has offered help and especially to those who have done so much. Keep the letter writing going. We want council to recognize that we are committed to keeping the dams.

 - Roblyn

Download, print and proudly display posters to support our cause : 

Poster-what-in-the-world-landscape.jpg Poster-what-in-the-world.jpg
Poster-westwood-next.jpg Poster-we-live-in-the-floodplain.jpg
Poster-save-colliery-dams-landscape.jpg Poster-could-cost-province-billions.jpg

Floodplain Resident Survey Results  

The Colliery Dam Preservation Society has undertaken a survey of people living directly below the Colliery dams and along the Chase river in the floodplain; those people most likely to be impacted if the dams were to fail.   We went to 90 residences in total – 57 single family homes, 14 townhomes, and 19 apartments. These are the results:

1. Are you aware that the City is considering rehabilitating or rebuilding as an alternative to removing the Colliery dams?   
Y. 71   79%     N.  19   21%

2. Were you aware before November 2012 that you lived in a floodplain below the Colliery Dams?   
Y. 43  48%    N. 47   52%

No-one said that they were told by the city before Nov. that they resided in a floodplain

3.  How many years have you lived at this address?    
12 yrs. average

4.  How many people reside at this address    
2.5 / residence

5. Choose one:

I am in favour of removing the Dams in the Colliery Dam Park? 3 = 3.3%

Or:  I am in favour of upgrading the Dams to a safe standard? 83 = 92.2%

Or: I have no opinion either way   4 =  4.4%



- Please don’t remove this beautiful area. I use it all the time and it should    stay.

- Do not remove our favourite swimming spot, fishing and off leash park

- Save the dams.  Save the world.  The dams are the whole world for us

- This is a landmark that has to stay

- I played and hiked and fished there since 1977

- Include the Colliery Dam Park in the Harewood Community plan

- We have no say.  If this was in the North end, there would be public input,      meetings and a choice.  I am sick of how the southend is treated by city hall.  -We are one of the original communities in Nanaimo and live in a historical area.  We deserve our voices/choices to be heard and given full consideration.  -City Hall is employed by us (Harewood too) !!

- Too old for rehab

- Please try to do anything besides taking out the dams

- It’s a beautiful place.  Please do not get rid f the dam

- Only quiet space in Harewood.  Generations have used them. 

- Leave our dams alone.  Thanks

- The city should not use fear to take away a park and swimming hole. More research on the dams

- We like it as it is

- We would love to keep our lakes and park the way it is.  It is an integral part of our community and would be an ecological disaster to remove it now

- This is a wonderful place for the residents that live here and the tourists that come, to swim, fish, and picnic. It would be a tragedy to destroy it. 

- The dam should stay. Lower water level to bring dam to a more safe standard

- Not happy about the possible changes 

- Please save the dam.  Been here longer than me

- This is a treasure.  Makes me sick to my stomach that they want them removed