Public Meeting January 31, 2013 - Feedback from Meeting Attendees

Lorne Gale made a presentation with the following documents : 

Rehab Options - Word Doc.pdf        Rehab Options - Flow Chart.pdf

All attendees were asked to record their thoughts on a sticky note and leave it on a board as they departed. Here are the results : 

  1. It’s about time our council started listening to people. Leave the dam alone I’ve lived by it for 50 years. FIX IT – Don’t destroy it.
  3. If property values go down removal will be the most expensive option – LOST TAXES!
  4. Rehab/Rebuild the Dams. Thank –you Lorne. Reduce the level now.
  5. Rehabilitate both dams
  6. Rehabilitate Both Dams.
  7. I am concerned that a swimming area, which is used primarily by those of us in the lower socio-economic class, is taken away without due consideration.
  8. Save both the dams whatever it takes.
  9. I was surprised to discover that only the immediate area around the lakes I designated as Park.  What pressure can be put on the city to include the whole area we use as park, to prevent it being sold and developed.
  10. I like the idea of increasing the spillway depth to meet seismic and flood requirement and using it to generate energy.  The very idea of loosing this incredible park in Nanaimo is like telling the people of Vancouver we are getting rid of Stanley Park.  I think that where are many ways that the money could be raised and I sincerely hope the City of Nanaimo listen to us – “Shame on you City Council”.  I would be very willing to assist with fund raising – Rosanne Garcia
  11. Use the 7 to 10 million slated for dam demolition toward rebuilding the dams.  Get the BC and Federal Government to assist  with costs.  The citizens of Nanaimo will raise the difference.
  12. Rebuild and Enjoy
  13. Rebuild 2 dams
  14. Rehabilitate both dams!
  15. I want to see a solution that will not change the dam.
  16.  1. Rehabilitate both dams. 2 Preserve the ivy at the lower dam!!
  17. I support the rehabilitation of both dams with a hydro  add on.  Putting steel/metal pilings into place in front of the dam berms (waterside).
  18. Rebuild one dam rehabilitate other  water storage, power, recreation, rehab:-upgrade spillways pilings
  19. Siphon down the water in both dammed areas ASAP, then work out a solution for repairing dams!!!  Stop fear mongering now! Better spillways and power generation!
  20. Lower the level of water behind both dams while other options are being explored.
  21. I fully support Lorne’s position.  He’s done the work and want to save the dams safely and inexpensively.
  22. Look into hydro project – progressive thinking that pay for itself!
  23. I really like the idea of reducing volume by adding “beaches “ (sand volume) and adding other media to bottom to decrease overall energy.
  24. Option #2  I wish we had fully costed estimates – realistic ones – of what the cost would be for deconstruction vs rehabilitation if it’s less intrusive.  The bottom line is - I want to keep the lakes! So, now #2.
  25. Restore natural beauty of the Chase River by removing the dams.
  26. Rehab both lakes
  27. Save both lakes
  28. Do what we can to keep the dams as they are.
  29. Rehabilitate both .  We are worth the investment!! No brainer – get another engineer.
  30. Please try to keep the dams and make them safe.
  31. Keep the lakes, as they are.  Dismiss city staff and the company that tried to rip us off by ramming their plan down our throats – in camera.
  32. To my understanding the dam is only 60 ft deep why not half fill with over size rock which will reduce volume of water and put less strain on the dams and reinforce the dam walls and or part of all of above # 1 – 8. 60 years of living Harewood and 30 of that on the Chase River.
  33. I support any of the options to keep the lakes.  I felt keeping the lakes will continue to benefit the education of children of Georgia Ave., Park Ave Bayview, NDSS, John Barsby and Fairview through school field trips, biology through observation and exercise.
  34. Whatever the cost, there are generations of resident to pay for repairs, maintenance or renewal of dams.
  35. Excellent idea to become a society, a public non-profit to steward and care for Collier  - like Morrell Wild life Sanctuary and Buttertubs Marsh.  Would like to go in the direction of 1/10,000 scenario long term protection and goal at least 1/5000 scenario.
  36. Would like #4 on the first menu.  #6 on the 2nd one.  Do anything to save both dams.
  37. Repair first dam in 1in 10,000 year event lower level on 2nd dam.
  38. My suggestion is to develop a joint community – city report with up to 3 options and hold a referendum on what choice by Harewood resident only.
  39. Whatever it takes to keep both dams and both lakes.
  40. Sheet Piling backed by steel piling and by rock and placement also by displacing the actual amount of water 1st dam rebuild front side of second dam with concrete.
  41. Rehabilitate both dams regardless of cost and I agree with the person next to me that there should b a waterslide.
  42. Whatever rehabilitation or rebuilding is decided upon it should include a waterslide to offset the cost and add value to our community.
  43. Rehabilitate both dams to 1:5000 year event by some seismic upgrade and reduce water level.
  44. 1st choice – save both dams to 1:10000. 2nd Choice – reduce water level to 1:3000 rehab
  45. Rebuild both dams  keep both dams
  46. Rehabilitate to 1:10000 Look at way to get provincial and federal aid.  Most people that have lived in Harewood call those dams  1st and 2nd dams
  47. Remove middle dam. Increase spillway on lower dam. Improve berm and lower dam – reberm, better rocks and concrete cover.
  48. Upper Dam – make more beachfront, reduce the water volume.
  49. If the city demolishes the dams. Would there be something that the city would replace for the children/adults like swimming, fishing, hiking, nature.
  50. Original report is based on erroneous information!!! Choice 1 – challenge current classification system. Choice 2 – rebuild to 1:10,000 rebuild middle dam to preserve historical educational , environment, archaeological value; build dam and reclaim energy.
  51. Keep both dams!!! – challenge classification – reduce water level somewhat – rehabilitation preferable 5 ½ perhaps.
  52. I want: declassification, both lakes saved in the most economical eco friendly way.
  53. Install siphon, reduce lake level now. Is there a danger to life or not.
  54. #3  The more I hear about the rock fill idea the better I like it.  Seems relatively simple in the scheme as well as cost effective.
  55. Save both dams as they are.  If they truly do need to be re-enforced. I see no reason to drain them.  We build things in the ocean against tremendous forces without draining it.
  56. Reduce volume by adding bolder to the deepest areas if the dams cannot be made safe or replaced.  This option is better for nature and us than is emptying the dams.
  57. If the worst case scenario depend on the failing of the middle dam why not just fix that one?  Keep both lakes!
  58. Comments – 1. There was no agenda/time slots for the meeting so it “took off”  with question which couldn’t be heard because the mike wasted passed to the people asking the questions! No timing was communicated re the length of the meeting – a bit frustrating not knowing how long we were here for… #. Somewhat disorganized tonight – rehashing material and no staying focused/moving things on. 4. Please distribute the breakdown of the$7m costs for removing the dams – if they are to be kept/rehabilitate they still must be drained  (we heard tonight) what is the cost for that? Also need a schematic of these dams. 5. It’s not obvious who all the parties are – is this Dam Safety Branch actually part of the city?  What party instructed them to look into removing the dams?
  59. How will you replace what nature has taken over 100 years to create?
  60. Extreme cases for the social aspect of Nanaimo for the dam to be demolished.  With a year of two the change is how the younger people who used the dam will change, more problems will arise, more drugs and alcohol will be used, less younger people will go there more health issues, less healthy choices of food from less fishing, more crimes will be committed, more use of addictive computer games, use will be an effect from not going there.  Higher rate of disabilities etc., more costs will have to go to the use of the justice.  The social programs  to help the younger generation for the rest of time for Nanaimo.
  61. Save Both Dams At All Costs
  62. Rehabilitate the dams to 1:10,000 upgrade with concrete = - look into hempcrete!  Upgrade spillways.
  63. Save all the dams stay the same but make them safe.
  64. Rehab and rebuild the dams
  65. Keep both dams it failed in the 50’s but timing etc. would make a difference
  66. When cost results come in for the different options, if the amount is not too extreme to keep it safe and keep both dams great!  Otherwise at least on dam hopefully can be kept.  Since the Prov. Gov’t is willing to provide some funds we can reach for the higher goal – preserving close to present is.
  67. Drive Piles in Don’t Drain the lakes.
  68. Rehabilitate both drilling steel 10”piling into bedrock fill with concrete seal with bentonite.  No environmental impact.
  69. Keep doing what you are doing. The time will come when the risk/cost factor may be well enough understood to make a rational if not universally like decision.
  70. Keep the dam