Meeting with the Engineer and Community Meeting

We now have information that we will be meeting with the engineer, staff and council to go over the information relating to the studies on options and their costs on Friday May 3rd.

The following Monday May 6th will be the first council meeting to go over the information. A decision will not be made at this time but it will be important to show council we are paying attention.

John Barsby School is booked for May 10th from 6 pm to 8 pm for a community meeting. This is a very important meeting so please make every attempt to come. This is decisitime and our community has spoken loudly and proudly, this park belongs to us and we want to keep the dams. If you have a Colliery Dam T shirt please wear it, and if you want to buy one please contact me, and Jeff will also be at the lower dam parking lot between 8:30 and 10 am on Saturday, May 4th. They are $5 plus a donation. Bumper stickers too ($1.50 each plus donation)

Your support is why we have this opportunity to save our dams and their lakes. Lets show them once again the power of our community.