Here's a big archive of News and Press from our monumental effort to save the dams in 2013

Update from Jeff and Roblyn regarding the headway Chief Doug White of the Snuneymuxw First Nation has been making to save the dams. Including much correspondence from Chief White and some documents from the city - July 24, 2013

Added Dale Schulz's humurous "Colly" public awareness ad - June 17, 2013

Notice from Craig Evans regarding objection application to water rights - June 15, 2013

Press Release from Chief Douglas White III regarding Snuneymuxw First Nation's official request for the City of Nanaimo to have a more transparent process for the Colliery Dams Project - June 13, 2013

Added a News Release and Letter from Doug Routley regarding his support for our position - June 5, 2013

Added information about Meeting with Engineer on May 3rd and Community Meeting at John Barsby on May 10th - May 1, 2013

Added note from Roblyn along with new documents : Floodplain Resident Survey Results and Posters - Apr 23, 2013

Photo Gallery created with photo from Penny Reynolds - Apr 18, 2013  

New Documents Added : Letter from City Manager, Letter from Dam Safety BranchInundation Study Comparison and Westwood Lake Inundation Study - Mar 27, 2013

New Questions and Answers page added to site - Mar 26, 2013

Jim Kipp's letter to Nanaimo City Council and Nanaimo City Staff - Mar 5, 2013

"Where do I begin?  The position that I find my self in is very troubling as I understand the risk of the Colliery failure better than most but do not accept the base risk calculation as being realistic, achievable or comprehendible that this standard is being first proposed and then accepted regarding the 1 in 10,000 event needs."

Click here to read entire letter written by Jim.

Statement made by our MLA, Doug Routely, at the BC Legislature - Mar 4, 2013

"I'd like to share with the members a story about Colliery Dam Park in Nanaimo. Before I can paint a picture of the park, you have to understand that it's in south Nanaimo. South Nanaimo is a community of working families who struggle every day to put food on the table, pay the rent and generally get by."

Click here to read entire statement by Doug at the Legislature.

Link for Scope of Work and RFP for work being done by KCB Engineers - Mar 4, 2013

Click here to view the document on the City of Nanaimo website.

Letter to Mayor and Council after Meeting with Peer Review Engineer - March 3, 2013

"Dear Mayor and Council, we have now met with the peer review engineer to offer our suggestions for options to retain the Colliery Dams. Although we are grateful to have an opportunity to do so, it is disturbing that one of the first statements made by the peer engineer was that there was very little time for KCB to actually look at our options. When we presented the option of reducing water volume to reclassify and therefore hopefully reduce cost, both Jim Smith (engineer) and Susan Clift said that there wasn't time to do the calculations necessary."

Click here to read the entire letter written by Jeff and Roblyn.

Feedback from Public Meeting - Jan 31, 2013

There was a public meeting to discuss rehabilitation options for the Colliery Dams on Thursday, Jan.  31 at John Barsby Secondary School. All attendees were asked to record their thoughts on a sticky note and leave it on a board as they departed. Here are the results.UPDATE [Feb 20, 2013] - Added Flowchart and Options Document from Lorne Gale.

Contract for Dam Removal has been Signed - Jan 14, 2013  

A $72,180 contract has been signed between the City of Nanaimo and Klohn, Crippen Berger Consultants for the removal of the Colliery Dams. See p. 70 of the Jan. 14, 2013 City Council Agenda for details. 

Presentation to City Council - Dec 17, 2012

During this meeting, the CDPS presented a number of engineering options to City Council to preserve the Colliery Dams, and requested that Council commission a feasibility study to explore these.

Statement from Jeff Solomon about the results of the meeting

Meeting with City Staff - Dec 6, 2012

Here's some information on our latest meeting with City Staff.

Nanaimo City Council Agrees to Meeting with CDPS - Nov 26, 2012

On November 26, 2012, Nanaimo City Council to a meeting between CDPS and City of Nanaimo Staff to clarify a number of technial issues.

Public Meeting - Nov 20, 2012 

Here are photos and highlights from the Nov. 20 public meeting at which an estimated 500 local residents turned out to express their opposition to the City of Nanaimo's decision.