Facts & Figures about the Colliery Dam Issue

We've collected a large volume of reports and documents of all kinds that have been prepared for or are related to the Colliery Dam Project. All of the documents have been prepared for you in PDF format.

City of Nanaimo & RDN

2009 Annual Dam Safety Inspections
2010 Annual Dam Safety Inspections
2011 Annual Dam Safety Inspections
2012 Annual Dam Safety Inspections
City Staff Report to Council - Colliery Dams Option Costs
Hazard Risk and Vulnerability Assessment - 2009 Update
Records with Photos of Middle and Lower Dams

BC Gov't

January 21st letter fromDSB extreme dangerous dams
Scott Morgan - Dam Safety Branch - Mar 25 2013
Dam Safety Regulations 

Klohn Crippen Berger

130430R KCB Options Cost Estimates
130513L Lower Dam - Rebar Detection
Appendix A - 1978 Geotechnical Investigation
Appendix D - March 2013 Lower Dam Sample Testing
Appendix E - May 2013 Lake Sediment Testing
Appendix F - May 2013 Lower Dam Rebar Detection
F0673 Bulk Asbestos Report
F0673 Concrete Core Strength L7498

Golder Associates

Lower Chase River Dam - Dam Safety Review (2003)
Middle Chase River Dam - Dam Safety Review (2003)

Snuneymuxw First Nation

SFN to FLNRO City of Nanaimo Removal of Dams
July 7th Doug Whites letter to mayor and council
SFN Colliery Dams Press Release July 7 2013

Inundation and Seismic Studies

Chase River Dam Breach Flood Inundation Study
Seismic Hazard Assessment Chase River Dams
Westwood Lake Dam Inundation Study (2004)

Dr. Lorne Gale - Presentations

Flow Chart - Save the Dams
Lorne's Presentation - December 17, 2012
Lorne's Presentation - May 13, 2013
Lorne's Presentation - July 29, 2013

Lawrence Rieper - Research and Studies

Lawrence Rieper - Colliery Dams Park
Lawrence Rieper - Deny deny deny
Lawrence Rieper - KCB HATCH
Lawrence Rieper - Westwood
Lawrence Rieper - An Explanation of 'is nanaimo safe'
Lawrence Rieper - Is Nanaimo Safe

Other Documents

Colliery Dam Park - Questions and Answers
Geology of the Nanaimo Area
Hatch - Peer review of KCB costs
Letter - Water Resources Manager to Resident
Gordon Fuller - News & Video Links