Colliery Dam Park is one of Nanaimo's hidden wonders.  It is a place of adventure, tranquility and excitement that has been passed down from generation to generation.

On October 22, 2012, City Council, upon the recommendation of City Staff, passed a motion to demolish the two dams that form the core of the park.  This decision was made during an "in-camera" (secret) meeting, and was made without any public consultation. We acknowledge that change must come to the park to ensure the security of our friends and neighbours, but there are other options that the City of Nanaimo refuses to consider.

If you would like to help us save this important park from radical and irrevocable changes, help us to work with Nanaimo City Council and Staff to explore better ideas for revitalization of the dams and the preservation of the character of Nanaimo's finest park.

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